Why B.A?

With the start of a new year we all either tend to make resolutions or laugh at how we’ll never adhere to them. So this year, I decided to do something new, it is a new year after all. I decided to look back at the previous year and remember all the good and bad times. Memories of the cheerful moments gave me hope for an even better year ahead and the gloomy ones reassured me that I am stronger than any adversity. While I was jogging down the memory lane I took a turn in to an alley I did not know existed.

I remembered the day I got admission in Pakistan College of Law and how excited I was to start a fresh chapter in my life. On my first day, a sea of thoughts flooded my mind. I kept asking myself numerous rhetorical questions; where’s my classroom? How am I supposed to make new friends? What’s the cafeteria like? Well, little did I know, I found the answers to these questions within an hour but the one question that I didn’t think I would have to answer was, Why B.A? My initial reply, as vague as it sounds, was why not? It was then that I realised that we still tend to stereotype people. A preconceived notion still exists that someone who has done their A levels can not “adjust” in the B.A program and if someone comes from an FSc. background the University Of London program isn’t for them. Well it’s time we debunk this myth, don’t you think? I have finally come out of this predicament but for all those who just might face the same situation I did, let me finally tell you why B.A?

First of all it’s a prerequisite. If you wish to (and you can, because it’s a free country,) appear in the Punjab University LLB examinations, it’s a must that you clear your B.A exams. There’s something I learnt in sociology this year and I think it helps me prove my point here. (See, another advantage of doing your B.A?) Living in a society we are all striving for something. We all want, need and desire something. As an individual we are a part of certain groups even if we are not aware of them. Being a part of a group doesn’t mean that we have to open up to every person that comes our way or tell them every detail of our lives. Opting for the B.A program and not the external program could mean that they’re going through a financial crisis. In terms of morals, why make it awkward and agonising for them by asking the same question over and over again?

On a lighter note, it could also mean that they have a sense of adventure and like to experiment with their life and try new things.
I believe it doesn’t matter what backgrounds we come from. All that matters is what we make of it. Being comfortable and confident about where we come from is extremely important for us to succeed in our lives.

It is very natural to experience culture shock when we leave our school life behind and enter the diverse world of universities. We’re treated like grownups by our families and teachers so let’s treat each other the same way too.

You know what’s the best thing about a new year? We all get an equal chance to start anew. We’ve got 365 days ahead of us to become a better version of ourselves.
Life is full of opportunities for those who aspire and learn to respect their decisions no matter what place their decisions hold in other people’s views. Success is inevitable if we learn to work hard on our choices with devotion, dedication and honest intentions.

I hope I’ve been able to provide everyone who has been asked this question or who will be asked this question with a relatable answer.


Mehreen Nadeem is a student of B.A LLB at Pakistan College of Law and an aspiring lawyer. She's a die hard Manchester United fan and a loyal Rafael Nadal supporter. Being an avid reader and a cinephile, meaningful conversations and cogent arguments enthral her.

  • Awais Nazir

    i wanted to get admission in English literature when i completed my Hons in Philosophy from Pu. But i was not allowed to get admission in pu because of a hard rule that was made by pu in 2013. According to this rule a student who has already master degree can not take admission in another master degree and unfortunately Hons is equivalent to masters .so i had to take admission in mphil. if i did BA i would get admission. one advantage of BA is that a student can get admission in another master program although he has already master degree. when a student clears his inter or 12 years education he ix in his tender age or growing age. Mostly students are not able to take a right decision and chose that area for study in which he is interested or that is lucrative for him. After BA he becomes mature to understand what is fruitful for him and what is not. so another benefit of BA is that opportunities are not out of his hands and ball is in his court. He can take admission and avail better opportunity for him.
    if one has BA degree he can do two degree at a same time according to new rule ov pu. if someone’s intellectuality and hard working allows him to do two degrees then BA is more better and lucrative for him.

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