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PCL Photography Competition 2015-16

After conducting a very successful competition last year we now re-open PCL Photography Competition to everyone (PCL students and non-students) to submit their entries by JANUARY 1, 2016. The theme is COURAGE and you can submit your one entry by sending at least a 1MB size photo representing the theme to the following email address…


A dream job in the Supreme Court

The following piece has been originally published by Suraya Saleh on London Connection, the online magazine of the University of London International Programmes. Here Zeeshan Hashmi tells us about fulfilling his dream to work in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Why did you choose to study with the University of London International Programmes? I was looking…


Orientation ’14

On behalf of The Legal Maxim, we wish a hearty welcome to our readers and fellow students. The PCL’s official welcome orientation for the University of London Programme had taken place on 1st September 2014 and from the beginning it seemed dark clouds literally loomed over to spoil the warm welcome. Yes it indeed was…

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