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Young lawyer’s road towards being elected leader of the house in Youth Parliament of Pakistan

Youth Parliaments are mock parliaments, organized in many democratic countries including England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Its main purpose is to develop values and culture of democracy, politics and leadership in the young. The inspiration behind youth parliaments, in my humble opinion, can be traced to Plato, who propounded that lack of interest in…


Illiteracy: A Major Issue

  What is illiteracy? Literacy is the ability to read and write; while Illiteracy is the inability to read and write or the lack of knowledge can be called ignorance. Why is it the major issue in Pakistan? With a population of around 170 million it is referred as one of the illiterate countries of…


میں مسلمان ہوں اور میں دہشت گرد نہیں ہوں

آج پوری دنیا میں دہشت گردی کے واقعات میں خوفناک حد تک اضافہ ہوگیا ہے ۔ اور تقریباَدنیا بھر میں ہونے والے تمام تر دہشت گردی کے واقعات ذمہ دار مسلمانوں کو ٹھہرایا جاتا ہے جو کہ بحثیت مسلمان میرے لئے باعث تکلیف اور شرمندگی ہے۔ آج دنیا بھرکے مسلمانوں کو شک و شبہات کی…


اُمہات المومنین

عرب معاشرہ جہالت کے اندھیروں میں ڈوبا ہوا تھا۔ عورت کو نہ عزت اور نہ وقار حاصل تھا۔ لہذا جب اسکا شوہر مر جاتا توہ وہ اور خطرے کا شکار ہو جاتی ۔ اسکی عزت اسکا مقام یہاں تک کہ اس کے مذہب تک کو خطرہ ہوتا۔ چنانچہ حضور پاک ﷺ نے ایسی عورتوں سے…


The Mockery of Justice in Pakistan

‘Jirgah’ in Pashto and ‘Panchayat’ in Punjabi are terms used to represent the parallel justice systems in tribal communities. The gist of the Jirgah system is that the elders of the tribe act as mediators where the disputant parties bring their claims to be adjudicated upon. The mediator hears the issues and applies the local…


A Lesson in History: The Red Cross

A Swiss national, Jean Henri Dunant (aka Henry Dunant), was born into a religious and humanitarian family. The teachings and practices of his elders imbibed in him a deep sense of religious beliefs and values which made him a passionate humanitarian. He was a witness to the Battle of Solferino (24th June, 1859) and its…

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