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Young lawyer’s road towards being elected leader of the house in Youth Parliament of Pakistan

Youth Parliaments are mock parliaments, organized in many democratic countries including England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Its main purpose is to develop values and culture of democracy, politics and leadership in the young. The inspiration behind youth parliaments, in my humble opinion, can be traced to Plato, who propounded that lack of interest in…


My Journey Into the Legal Profession

The following piece has been originally published by Peter Quinn on London Connection, the online magazine of the University of London International Programmes. Here Maryam Mansur shares her journey of graduating from LLB (Hons) International Programme and working at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The University of London International Programmes LLB (Hons.) can be completed in three…


Ali Jaffar: The Superman

I chose this title for Ali Jaffar because I admire this person. He’s a pacifier, hes a gentleman and he has a good heart. You know there are very few students whom everyone misses when they leave and Ali is one of them. I came to know about Ali through Miss Shabnam.  I remember invigilating…


Journey to an LLM

In this piece Arslan Munawar shares his experience of applying for an LLM, working and life in general. Some might dread the thought of spending another year at a university, doing even more reading, writing longer essays and sitting even tougher exams. They would rather go into practice as soon as possible and learn law…

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