The Study Pack Sensation

Muhammad Ahmed writes a funny tale of the study pack sensation. Brace yourselves for some epic laughs.

Zumair Azam is a first year LLB (Hons) student. He is an adorable guy from Faisalabad . From the day he came to know that everybodys study packs have started arriving he was so concerned with his studies that he use to ask everyone every day when his study pack will arrive. He got worried day by day when study packs of other students whose drafts had been sent at the same time were in their hands and Zumair’s pack was not coming. When he used to go Asif Sahib’s office, Asif Sahib always told him:

“bayta ajayen ge jald tab tak ap libray say books use kareyn! 🙂 (Your study pack will arrive soon, till then please borrow the books from the library)

Good Lord one day came when finally the study pack arrived, the official handover ceremony was conducted in Asif Sahib’s office.



Maryam Akram is the former editor for The Legal Maxim. She is a law graduate of University of London and a permanent faculty member of Pakistan College of law. Apart from her academic responsibilities, she aspires to be a professional photographer and in the process challenging the monopoly of Sheikh Sahib as college's official photographer. An easy going person who loves to laugh and make other people smile as well. People also see her as Usain Bolt of PCL as she is always sprinting from one corner of the college to another. She loves eating ice cream.. Her philosophy of life can be summed up in three words, "Eat (preferably ice cream), pray, love".

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