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Even with services such as Google Drive in Gmail, One Drive in Outlook, Dropbox, Box, Copy – you still hear people complaining about problems when sharing a file bigger than 25 MB. Yes, this is still an issue in 2014!

So you don’t want to create an account where you have to log in, upload a file and then send a link? Well, it is perfectly fine even I get bored with all that uploading and downloading stuff. Now we can use WeTransfer. No account – No logging in – No passwords – No loopholes.

Now when you first open the site you might be greeted with some sort of promotion or advantage of a plus account or something like that. Since we are not looking for that at the moment we will find a link or button somewhere on the page that says “skip”, as shown in the images below:



Once you click skip, you wont bothered!


Now all you have to do is select the files, input the recipient’s email, input your email and hit transfer. Yep, that’s it, the file will upload and send a confirmation mail to you and a downloadable link to the recipients.

Alternatively if you click on the button on the lower left corner with the share icon you can change the transfer method to link. Now, what is link mode? Imagine you don’t have the recipient’s email or you just don’t want to send whatever you are sending in an email for some reason. With link mode when you select your files and click on transfer, you will be presented with a link. Simply share the link via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, AIM or any other service you like.

Note: As you might have noticed there is a 2GB file size limit, but one which is an acceptable limitation of course.

Source: WeTransfer

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