PCL Photography Competition 2015-16: Many Forms of Courage

Several high standard photographs were submitted this year to the 2nd PCL Photography Competition, 2015-16. Many of the entrants also sent mini-write ups to explain how their photo entry reflected the theme of courage. The permanent faculty of the College judged the entries and declared Saad Saleem Chohan from B.A Year 2 to be the Winning Entry for this year and the Runner Up was declared to be Mian Azeem Akbar from LL.B (Hons.). Due to a reaslonably high standard of submitted photographs the faculty also decided to award two Appreciation Prizes, one to Husnain Zamar Awan of LL.B Year 1 and the second to Fahad Khan also of LL.B Year 1. The Winning and Runner Up entries were awarded with Merit Certificates, cash prize and their work is to be displayed in College on a parmanent basis.

The following are all the enteries that were submitted this year including some of the write-ups which were provided with the photo.

The Winning Photographer Saad Saleem Chohan said about his winning entry “I see this man daily when coming to my College. He is an inspiration for young persons like me as he works hard at his age to provide food on the table for his family. Despite his age and frailty he has the courage to face the world by sitting every day round the corner of my College repairing bike wheels. He represents to me the enduring symbol of courage”.

The Runner Up Photographer Mian Azeem Akbar said “I took my photo this winter on location at Head Baloki, Punjab in the early morning. The image depicts a rural scene in which a farmer on his motor bike is transporting animal fodder regardless of the fog providing very little visibility. His animals need food and the weather is not going to stop him from getting it for them”.

Husnain Zamar Awan who received an Appreciation Prize for his entry said as follows: “The “Theme” of the Photography Competition was COURAGE and I find this type of photograph can be shared with anyone to show that we should thank GOD each day for being born healthy. This is not the case with special people who may be born with disabilty or due to some accidents.

I met this guy on Sahiwal train station a few months ago when I was moving around taking random shots and found myself far from the parking area. This guy showed up and gave me a lift and I asked him what he does for a living. To my surprise he told me that he works in three shifts. In the mornings he works at the railway station giving pick and drop service. In the evening he loads material at a bazaar and late night he returns back to the railway station for his night shift.

Even though he can’t walk or use most of his strength this man had the courage with determination to stand up to his physical disability  unlike those who choose to beg or surrender themselves to life’s setbacks. The main thing is his smile which says a lot about how he sees his life. This photo for me also represents that nothing stops a hardworking person despite the hurdles.

The second receipient of the Appreciation Prize was Fahad Khan who said that “according to me the philosophy of courage is to perform beyond one’s strength. The intention behind the action can be positive or negative but it cannot dissolve the meaning of courage involved in doing the act.

As regarding this image, the look of anticipation and sense of purpose reflected in the actions of the child shows “COURAGE”. The way he holds the Axe with both hands, the concentration of his eyes focused on a piece of wood, half of his feet are in the air and despite losing his grip on the axe his mind and body are adament in achieving something above his physical strength”.

Usama Mohtashim Khan submitted a fine entry and said that he recently took a photo of a man selling corn at night. About his photo he reflected that “the theme given was “courage”, what is courage? A photographer expresses his thoughts through the picture, saving a feeling, a moment in time. Courage for me translates into working at night when you could be sleeping. Courage is not giving up when you are poor and working for an earning, be it how small. Courage is not giving up on life. When I asked this man why he was working so late know hardly anyone will buy a corn? His response was “even if i sell one, my children would eat something”. This is courage of a laborer in Pakistan”.

Saad Bakhtiar Ahmed regarding his entry to the competition named his photo “Each Sunset is the beginning of new Hope” and said that his “picture in itself has many stories.The scene of birds roaming here and there depicts our lives that how we all work all day long to make our livelihood, to feed our young and  then return home. The evening scene with a tomb in its background, the fading sun and the returning birds gave me an indescribable feeling of sadness”.

Another enterant Sher Muhammad from LL.B Year had this to say about his entry “This photo is taken by me in Faisalabad of my niece and it represent to me courage. This bear is her best friend and when she feels alone and wants a friend in her life she finds this bear which gives her courage to be happy and find hope in her life”.

The final entry was submitted by Waqas Ali from B.A Year 1 who stated the following about his photo “my image was taken in Pampalona, Spain; on the event of “Bull Run”. This image was taken when the bull bursts into the bull ring, a boy came out from the crowd to face the bull, and got hit by the bull! To me this image shows the courage of the boy”.

All the images submitted this year represented courage to the person who took the photo. These images and thoughts of the photographer about them reflected various dimensions of what constitutes courage depending upon the interpretation of the person taking the photograph. It is also courageous of all the entrants to make the effort of submitting their entries for judgment. Each of their entries are displayed here and their thoughts will help the reader understand what the images represent. Congratulations to all the entrants and we hope that this encourages others to participate in the forthcoming 3rd PCL Photography Competition which will be announced soon.

Ahmad Mohid

Ahmad Mohid serves as the senior editor for The Legal Maxim, overseeing the handling and publication of content. He is a native Lahori doing LLB (Hons) from Pakistan College of Law and has always found the subject of law to be logically fulfilling in knowledge. Reading has always been complementary to his interests and after years of enjoying paperbacks he has finally come to appreciate e-books. Other than making room for comics these days, he continues to look forward to finding good narratives in any form.

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