Orientation ’14

On behalf of The Legal Maxim, we wish a hearty welcome to our readers and fellow students. The PCL’s official welcome orientation for the University of London Programme had taken place on 1st September 2014 and from the beginning it seemed dark clouds literally loomed over to spoil the warm welcome. Yes it indeed was an arrival of heavy downpour on the auspicious occasion. However, despite the rainfall the event went on as planned and a decent turnout was received.

The orientation was formally initiated by our Principal, Ms. Tasneem Kausar, giving out a key note on the start of the academic year and letting the first year students know what they have embarked upon and the expectations associated with them. Ending the note on assigning a reading for criminal law reassured the important principle laid out by Ms. Tasneem that dedication to studies is one of the main priorities PCL and the emphasis for earning the best results.

Following her, our Dean Professor Humayoun Ihsan took up to the podium and motivated the students to look up to the future and produce the best out of their desires. The ambitious note highlighted early beginnings and the many achievements PCL’s alumni have earned, leaving many students overwhelmingly enthralled and motivated. In addition, Professor Humayoun stressed with absolute certainty on the struggle of moving forward and leading your own future, engaging students to realise their potential and work hard upon it.

Concluding the orientation was our Director Ms. Shabnam Ishaque who introduced the faculty to the first year students and brought attention to several extra-curricular projects of PCL. The remaining formalities such as timetable schedules and book lists were handed out and students were welcomed to a new chapter in their lives. By the end, it was only fitting for the rain to stop and settle the orientation on a pleasant post-rain mood. Delightfully we’ve covered the Orientation ’14 in pictures as well, so be sure to check it out by visiting the link below.

Now for our readers that are beginning their programme we know everything may seem daunting, confusing, hectic and difficult, but know this, the reward achieved from hard work and continuous commitment does end up being worth it. Best of luck! And in the words of our Director ..

Worry, but not panic – Ms. Shabnam


Ahmad Mohid

Ahmad Mohid serves as the senior editor for The Legal Maxim, overseeing the handling and publication of content. He is a native Lahori doing LLB (Hons) from Pakistan College of Law and has always found the subject of law to be logically fulfilling in knowledge. Reading has always been complementary to his interests and after years of enjoying paperbacks he has finally come to appreciate e-books. Other than making room for comics these days, he continues to look forward to finding good narratives in any form.

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