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Greetings TV fans. Are you frustrated with the process for keeping up with your TV shows? Is it tiring not knowing if an episode is airing today or not? Do you want to be updated on when the next season is starting? Check out, as it gives you a simple calendar interface to show you when the next episode of your favourite series is. It’s a handy reminder to keep you episodically informed about your tv show schedules. 

September 2014
Starting up is a fairly simple process. You create an account, search for your shows and click add. It’s that simple really.

You can get an overview in the my shows tab to see when the next episodes will be airing, what shows have ended and how many episodes you have watched.

The unwatched tab as the name suggests will show you the unwatched episodes of the shows you have added. So if you are on a binge watching all 10 seasons of Friends, 16 Seasons of Naruto Shippuden or 21 seasons of Top Gear you can see in the unwatched page how many more episodes you have remaining. The home page will give you the calendar view and show you when the new episode will be airing.

You can also get a RSS feed or add the episodes to your calendar (e.g. Google calendar or iCal etc.) or get reminders via Email on the day when the episode will be airing.

But why watch a show alone. If you are spending hours and hours get your friends to watch the same show. You can add your friends but searching for their email and see what they are watching and how much many episodes they have seen.
Happy watching

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