Food Review: Chai, Kaafee Aur Siasat

This is a 5 minute review of a coffee shop called Chai, Kaafee Aur Siasat. Affan Anwar, the foodie and food critic visited this place with his friend Mian Azeem, the head photographer and also another foodie to explore this place. Did they like it? How was their experience? Lets find out:


Affan says that he is the biggest foodie he knows and he has tried many kinds of food from different areas of pakistan but his favourite food is desi Pakistani food like chicken krahi, dumba karahi, nehari, paye, brain masla, taka tak.  The best taka tak in Lahore, he says is from Kaka Taka Tak at Lakshami Chowk. And the best karahi he has tasted in Lahore is chicken karahi of Namak Restaurant.


Life and Times of Affan and Azeem at Chai, Kaafee and Siyasat!

Life and Times of Affan and Azeem at Chai, Kaafee and Siyasat!


Affan says that regardless of his liking desi food, he never stops exploring the non-desi one. So one day he decided  to explore Chai, Kaafee Aur Siyasat. with his friend Azeem. He says that the place had a great ambiance and the place was filled with posters and frames on all of its walls. The posters and frames included pictures and newspaper cuttings of famous Pakistani and International writers, poets, celebrities. their quotes and sayings etc.  He says that this place is like a new version of Pak Tea House which is located in Anarkali and which used to be the hub of all writers, poets and revolutionaries. At Chai, Kaafee Aur Siyasat,  there is a specific discussion area where people get together and discuss ideas, politics, history and the like. He says that people also perform gigs there and that’s what keeps the place going. Another specialty of the place is that its waiters and waitresses are dressed in shalwar kameez (which is rare nowadays isnt it?)


About the food bit, Affan says that he was disappointed by its taste.. There are various kinds of chai there and various varities of food. The price range is also reasonable and affordable. But the taste of food of not so good as they ordered a burger and nachos with sour cream and according to him both dishes were not as great as the place looked. Perhaps if this place focused on the quality of the food more than it focused on the exterior and the interior, maybe things would work great. Not that aesthetic experience doesn’t count, but what goes in our tummies is also important.


Why dont you go there now and try it out for yourself. And when you do, please leave a comment here so we can hear your side of the review as well.


All pictures were taken by our head photographer, Mian Azeem. More more insight, please view all the pictures here.


Affan Anwer is a BA (LLB) Part 2 student at Pakistan College of Law. He is a foodie from Kasur who came Lahore for his studies. His hobbies include eating different kinds of food. He's often seen with a guitar on campus. He is the official food critic for The Legal Maxim.

Mian Azeem is the Head Photographer for The Legal Maxim .He is a Second year BA (LLB) student at Pakistan College of Law.Prior to his coming to PCL, he got an admission in NCA for diploma in photography and he later interned with NCA"s prestigious photographer,Azeem Sani. Azeem has extreme passion for not just photography but also cars and everything that has a good engine and has four wheels. He enjoys gaming, swimming, playing basketball and badminton.

  • Kiran

    I completely agree with this article. I was there last week. The interior is amazing but the food is average and very limited options are available.

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