Editor’s Note

This is not the first occasion in the history of THE LEGAL MAXIM of Pakistan College of Law that a new editor-in-chief has been instituted on the onset of a new academic year. The New Year: 2015-16 kick-starts with the new editor-in-chief Ms. Mawra Raja and the new objective to explore the treasures and talents of PCL from across different backgrounds. This year’s Maxim objective is in consonance with this year’s PCL objective. Well, umm I wonder if this made any sense to you. Did I just confound you? Did you just happen to double-think my statement? If the attempt to victimize you with the foregone was successful then trust me it is not because I like to terrorize others. Instead that it requires a bit of explanation from me and multitudes of forbearance from you. So let me try and explain before we move on with the pinching inquisitiveness. The session 2015-16 may justifiably be called the high-water mark of PCL. This is pursuant to the fact that out of all the bygone years this is the unusual year in which there has been tremendous focus on expanding and improving the infrastructure of PCL with the view to accommodating more students from varied programs like B.A with Law, LLB (PU), LLB Hons (UOL) and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (UOL). The hope with which the expansion mission began seems to be positively reflected in the larger student body this year. The larger the student body, the greater the voices. But whether every voice is worth putting on the LEGAL MAXIM is what will be explored throughout this year by the Maxim Team.

The views expressed by the authors in all the posts do not necessarily reflect those of Pakistan College of Law.
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