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محبت  چھوڑ  دینے  پر دلوں کو  توڑ  دینے  پر   زیست  برباد  کرنے  پر تعلق  ترک  کرنے  پر   کسی  کو  بھول  جانے  پر کسی  کو  چھوڑ  جانے  پر   !عجب دستور ہے صاحب کوئی فتوٰی نہیں لگتا   کہ  کسی  کی  یاد  آنے  پر کسی  پر  کیا  گزرتی  ہے   کسی  کی  سانس  رُکتی  ہے کسی  کو  یاد  بھی …


PCL Photography Competition 2015-16

After conducting a very successful competition last year we now re-open PCL Photography Competition to everyone (PCL students and non-students) to submit their entries by JANUARY 1, 2016. The theme is COURAGE and you can submit your one entry by sending at least a 1MB size photo representing the theme to the following email address…

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