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Why B.A?

With the start of a new year we all either tend to make resolutions or laugh at how we’ll never adhere to them. So this year, I decided to do something new, it is a new year after all. I decided to look back at the previous year and remember all the good and bad…


Interview: Ali Husnain Shah

The legal maxim staff interviewed Ali Husnain Shah, a student of LL.B (Year 3) Punjab University Programme in Pakistan College of Law. His diverse background and focus on studying law made him an interesting subject for our campus journals. We asked him about his background and what brought him to the study of law. This…


Orientation ’14

On behalf of The Legal Maxim, we wish a hearty welcome to our readers and fellow students. The PCL’s official welcome orientation for the University of London Programme had taken place on 1st September 2014 and from the beginning it seemed dark clouds literally loomed over to spoil the warm welcome. Yes it indeed was…


The Study Pack Sensation

Muhammad Ahmed writes a funny tale of the study pack sensation. Brace yourselves for some epic laughs. Zumair Azam is a first year LLB (Hons) student. He is an adorable guy from Faisalabad . From the day he came to know that everybodys study packs have started arriving he was so concerned with his studies…

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