Articles by Faizan Daud

Faizan Daud is a PCL Alumni who is currently working in the law firm of Cornelius, Lane and Mufti alongside conducting tutorials in Common Law Reasoning and Institutions at Pakistan College of Law.


Young lawyer’s road towards being elected leader of the house in Youth Parliament of Pakistan

Youth Parliaments are mock parliaments, organized in many democratic countries including England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Its main purpose is to develop values and culture of democracy, politics and leadership in the young. The inspiration behind youth parliaments, in my humble opinion, can be traced to Plato, who propounded that lack of interest in…


CLEA’s Essay Competition

The following essay written by Faizan Daud won the 3rd prize in the Commonwealth Legal Education Association’s Essay Competition in 2014. He was awarded with a cash prize and his essay was published online.   ‘’Can the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles on Three Branches of Government 2003 serve as an effective framework for safeguarding democracy and…


The Mockery of Justice in Pakistan

‘Jirgah’ in Pashto and ‘Panchayat’ in Punjabi are terms used to represent the parallel justice systems in tribal communities. The gist of the Jirgah system is that the elders of the tribe act as mediators where the disputant parties bring their claims to be adjudicated upon. The mediator hears the issues and applies the local…

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