Articles by Arslan Munawar

Arslan Munawar is a frequent writer for the Legal Maxim. Here he shares his under-grad experiences so that others can benefit from it. He graduated from Pakistan College of Law in 2012 with an LLB (Hons). After graduating Arslan started working and simultaneously applied for an LLM in Cardiff University. Arslan walks his talk as he works extremely hard for his aims and in that process he is very helpful to those around him as well. Arslan loves spending time with family and friends.


Journey to an LLM

In this piece Arslan Munawar shares his experience of applying for an LLM, working and life in general. Some might dread the thought of spending another year at a university, doing even more reading, writing longer essays and sitting even tougher exams. They would rather go into practice as soon as possible and learn law…

The views expressed by the authors in all the posts do not necessarily reflect those of Pakistan College of Law.
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