Ali Jaffar: The Superman

I chose this title for Ali Jaffar because I admire this person. He’s a pacifier, hes a gentleman and he has a good heart. You know there are very few students whom everyone misses when they leave and Ali is one of them. I came to know about Ali through Miss Shabnam.  I remember invigilating him during his EU exam in college and that’s the first time I interacted with him. I admire Ali also because he is reliable. Whenever there was an issue that needed to be resolved and if it included the guys who couldn’t be handled, I’d always talk to Ali about it and he would assure me that things would be alright. Ali was also the only student on campus who was doing two degrees simultaneously, the University of Punjab LLB degree and the University of London LLB (Hons) degree. He is done with his LLB degree and is now doing his LLM from BPP Law School in England. I’m thankful to Ali for giving me an opportunity to interview him.

Me: Ali, please tell us about yourself and your life prior to coming to Pakistan College of Law.

Ali: I’ve always had a very simple life and a wonderful childhood. My schooling is from St.Anthony’s High School where I was an average student and the thing that always motivated me in my life was cricket. I would play cricket for hours and hours and I believe that this sport has been my passion since I was very young. Besides cricket, I’m a BIG foodie as well and I know that there is no food place in Lahore which I have not been to.


Ali Jafar

Ali Jaffar


Me: What made you do law and come to PCL?

Ali: My father is a very successful lawyer and from the beginning he has been my inspiration. I’ve seen that my father is a man of action as he has always taken his profession quite seriously. I have observed that practicing law seems to be his passion and his only hobby and this dedication of my father is so important to me that his life and career motivated me to become a successful lawyer one day and thus I seriously considered becoming a lawyer and consequently adopted to do law. This legal profession also encouraged my father to consider politics, and now he is a renowned politician(Senator). Which makes me extremely proud of him and it creates in me a drive to keep moving forward to become successful and I know now that my success will be contingent upon my hard work. And that’s why I ended up at PCL.

Me: You’re the only student on campus who did two programmes simultaneously. How is that possible and what made you do that?

Ali: A Law degree from the University of London is unquestionably recognized worldwide and that pretty much sums it all up. But besides that, it also provides the platform for a student to do more autonomous research work. It helps one to discover ones potential and encourages one to reach out to all sizes of books, especially those big and fat ones. And now, about the local degree I would say that it helps one to study local laws more efficiently than the external programme as this degree has all the important details pertaining to the Pakistani legal system such as the studying of Civil Procedure Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure and Islamic Law in more detail as well as looking at the Company and Labour law of Pakistan more closely. I realized that if I wanted to practice law in Pakistan, I would have to be more equipped with the local laws and I also wanted exposure that is provided by the external law, so I decided to go for both.



Ali at Buckingham Palace.

Me: How was your experience and life at PCL?

Ali: Pakistan College of Law was introduced to me by a friend but when I met Miss Shabnam Ishaque, the Director of the International Programmes/ The Senior Professor at PCL, my life’s story changed and she became the only person that I knew in the time I spent at PCL.

Me: Lets say that you just joined PCL. Would you do anything differently?

Ali: If I had to rejoin PCL I don’t think I can do any better, what made my time at PCL amazing was my carelessness and all the mistakes I made.

Me: What would you advice the new batches and the current students.

Ali: I would ask them to be honest to their time and to be wholly committed to their studies. I believe that you have so much potential inside of you that needs to be explored. Keep exploring.

Me: Why should people do law and which degree should they opt for, the UOL one or the PU one? How can one decide?

Ali: Law has always been a profession of Lords, unfortunately in Pakistan it has become a family orientated sort of business, sadly but honestly I would not recommend anyone to go for this profession unless or until (s)he has a firm law professional background and support from within her/his family. As for the other question, if you seriously want to commit yourself to practicing law in Pakistan, then I would suggest that you go for the PU degree. Its something that is of crucial importance to students practicing law in Pakistan but in the other case, if you decide to opt for the other degree, then I would recommend that you do it with proper devotion as it will help you value the importance of hard work and research and will help you take risks in life. In any case, whatever you do, put your heart into it.

Me:Please share some of your hobbies and interests with us.

Ali: I love cricket as you all know by now. I initially wanted to become a cricketer but my family would not ever allow me to do so, so I kept this passion of mine to myself. Maybe I should have chased my dream but in a country like ours its never a rewarding profession for everyone. Practicing law, however is equally exciting if you get to hit sixes and fours everyday in court room.

Me: Ali, our youth and almost everyone in Pakistan is so depressed because of the current situation, to name just a few: inflation, terrorism, unemployment, corruption etc.. How do you think we can come out of it and build better and positive lives?

Ali: Do your part as that’s important. Being depressed about the things is not a good idea, plus that never makes something better. Start your day with one thing in mind and its that death is inevitable and what we leave behind in this world is going to be our legacy. Live to fullest, life never gives second chances. I am currently doing my LLM And I’m haunted by yet another road not taken. What’s wrong with the younger generation today – they leave nothing to their imagination. I wish everyone in PCL a very good health and happiness in the coming years. I also hope that people would not forget me that soon.

Me: Something about your future plans?

Ali: Doing my LLM will make me more confident as this program will help me live my dreams and this will give me more exposure. After completing it I would like to open my own law firm along with working with my father in his firm. In future I would like to become a renowned lawyer and eventually a politician. Politician because politics is the only way to correspond to the local man, as it is said that if you help a single man you help the whole of mankind and this shall be my motto for always.


Maryam Akram is the former editor for The Legal Maxim. She is a law graduate of University of London and a permanent faculty member of Pakistan College of law. Apart from her academic responsibilities, she aspires to be a professional photographer and in the process challenging the monopoly of Sheikh Sahib as college's official photographer. An easy going person who loves to laugh and make other people smile as well. People also see her as Usain Bolt of PCL as she is always sprinting from one corner of the college to another. She loves eating ice cream.. Her philosophy of life can be summed up in three words, "Eat (preferably ice cream), pray, love".

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