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logo-aboutThe Legal Maxim is an online magazine, a project of Pakistan College of Law. It aims at promoting and encouraging students to write. We are open to contributions from people not only of Pakistan College of Law but also from all over the world and even beyond, since we believe in a diversity of opinions and this has also been reflected in the past issues as well.

Expounding on one of our aims, it can be further asserted that this platform gives students a place where they can be themselves. The Legal Maxim is not primarily based and focused on legal issues, here we have authors who write about all sorts of things, be it legal, political, social, personal, spiritual and the mundane.

Contribute if you feel like expressing yourself, and we would love to refract your voice through our online magazine.

We hope you enjoy reading the posts.

The views expressed by the authors in all the posts do not necessarily reflect those of Pakistan College of Law.
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