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Humanitarian Aid Projects, Colonial Legacy and the Experience of the Internally Displaced in Sudan

In the political economy of development, and more specifically second generation of conditionalities imposed by aid donors, human rights and rule of law have come to the forefront and have been promoted as ideals for improving the governance in developing countries. Hence, ideas for improving achieving better governance have become central to aid-donor-recipient relations (Burnell…



محبت  چھوڑ  دینے  پر دلوں کو  توڑ  دینے  پر   زیست  برباد  کرنے  پر تعلق  ترک  کرنے  پر   کسی  کو  بھول  جانے  پر کسی  کو  چھوڑ  جانے  پر   !عجب دستور ہے صاحب کوئی فتوٰی نہیں لگتا   کہ  کسی  کی  یاد  آنے  پر کسی  پر  کیا  گزرتی  ہے   کسی  کی  سانس  رُکتی  ہے کسی  کو  یاد  بھی …

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